Customized Medications for Pets and Exotics

Do you have difficulty “coaxing” your pet to take his medicine? Does your pet or exotic need a medication that is not commercially available in the strength, flavor or size that is best for that particular animal?

Veterinary compounding is a specialized field requiring extensive training, equipment, and chemicals not found in traditional pharmacies. Wellspring is certified and equipped with all of the equipment and supplies needed to provide solutions for the most difficult medication problems.

Examples of some of our most popular veterinary therapies include:

  • Medications which can be applied topically (transdermal) or given orally to treat hyperthyroidism or relieve pain.
  • Customized formulations of antibiotics or antifungals to treat infections.

When your pet likes the taste of his medication, that prevents many battles. We flavor medicines that are appealing to animals: examples include fish or chicken for cats, beef or marshmallow for dogs, tutti frutti for birds, and banana or raspberry for exotics. We can combine several compatible medications into a single convenient preparation to simplify administration. We can also prepare needed medications in a different form such as a transdermal gel that can be massaged into the inside of your pet’s ear. This is a great option for animals that should not be stressed. We also have delivery systems like an accordion puffer for applying powder to a difficult-to-reach area or a dauber bottles for applying medication to a hoof.

We think outside the box and work together with pet owners and their veterinarians to customize medications and solve problems. Your questions are welcome. Bring us your medication problems!

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