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Compounded Veterinary Medications

Our compounding services offer as a new a way for veterinarians to help pets and exotic animals in ways that traditional drug delivery systems fall short. Our goal for the veterinary patient, be it a dog, cat, horse or bird, is to help their veterinarian treat them using a novel approach.

It is often difficult for pet owners to give oral medications, and some of the dose can be lost in the fight. Since many medications are not available in the best dose for a particular animal, splitting tablets can lead to under or over dosing. Our compounding professionals can make it easier to treat an animal by compounding a flavored chewable treat that the animal will enjoy and readily accept.

The variety of medications available for animals is less than perfect, but compounded medications offer limitless possibilities. Cherry-flavored amoxicillin andorange-flavored cephalexin are not as appealing to a pet as they are to humans, and therefore new formulations need to be explored. Our compounding pharmacist will work together with veterinarians and animal owners to customize medications and easy to administer and address the animal’s medical issues.

For example, our compounding pharmacy can prepare:

  • Flavored medications
  • Medicine in ideal size, strength, and dosage form
  • Unavailable medications
  • Combinations to improve compliance
  • Novel devices and delivery systems

Transdermal Medications for Pets

Most people, do not think about transdermal medicines to for pets. However, this method of administration has many benefits.

If your pet has cardiovascular problems or is hypersensitive, you do not want to get them overly excited. As any pet owner knows, getting your dog or cat to take medications they do not want to take is a great way to quickly increase their anxiety. There is a simpler and better way. Many drugs can be compounded into transdermal preparations that are very easy to apply to the inside of an animal’s ear or other hairless area without raising their heart rate or otherwise exciting them. Also, it is appreciated by owners who no longer have to deal with an animal who resists being medicated. We can also prepare topical medications for application at the site of inflammation or infection.

Advantages of Transdermal Dosage Forms

Various alternate dosage forms permit medication to be absorbed via non-oral routes to meet an animal's specific needs. Although the parenteral and rectal routes are traditional alternatives to oral administration, transdermal absorption offers many advantages. For example:

  • When medication is absorbed directly into the bloodstream without first entering the gastrointestinal system, a smaller amount of active ingredient may be required for therapeutic effect.
  • Various types of drug interactions may be avoided when one or more interacting medications. are administered transdermally.

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