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Wellspring is a pharmacy dedicated to providing superior services for a fraction of the cost. We accomplish this through a blend of operational pharmacy strategy, the use of robotics to better leverage our talented staff, and systems that support improved outcomes. Our focus is to provide defined and measurable value to everyone involved in the healthcare chain; the customer, the providers, the payers, and everyone in between.

Who are we?

Andrew Beyers and Rick Niemi have over 55 years of combined pharmacy experience and are driven to create tomorrow’s pharmacy, today! They work together in solving problems in healthcare that go beyond filling and delivering prescription medications. Andrew and Rick are change makers, innovators, and pioneers within the future of pharmacy and are constantly striving to add additional and measurable value to every person and entity the company serves.

Why did we start Wellspring?

Wellspring was born out of the demand for specialized services not being fulfilled due to the drastic number of reduced independent pharmacies operating in the United States and California in particular. These specialized services help meet the demand that our nation’s healthcare reform initiatives have presented within our healthcare system. Wellspring has a passion for solving problems beyond the simplicity of prescription transactions and works as a true partner to those who share our vision of a modern, innovative, and personalized pharmacy experience.

Our Mission

Wellspring’s mission is to make a positive impact and difference in the lives of our customers, to make things easier and more effective for health providers, and to provide superior services to the health plans and payers we are providers for.


Wellspring’s vision is to be the next generation pharmacy that is considered a leader, innovator, and change-maker within our industry. By doing so, we will be a part of the positive change the pharmacy industry needs to see.

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